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Norma Revo SC-2 LN
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+ 320 € PH3-REVO: Entrada de phono opcional
+ 1.290 € MCH6-REVO: Conviértelo en un previo de 6 canales: 2 sets de 6 entradas
+ 1.790 € DAC1-REVO: DAC opcional: 4 x SPDIF, USB 192 kHz/24 bits

In the REVO SC-2 preamplifier, a pure and elegant style combines with the most refined technology. Completely remote-controllable in all its functions, the REVO SC-2 model uses the exclusive P.D.D.A. (Programmable Digital Analogue Attenuation) volume control. It a system that attenuates between 0.0 dB and -127.0 dB in steps of 0.5 dB, with a typical precision of +/- 0.01 dB.

Plus, the input selection uses high-quality relays, no integrated circuit is used on the signal path. The whole conception of the REVO SC-2 is tended to combine a modern operative functionality with the severity for audio signal typical of a devise which is really High-End. Its plasma display with adjustable lightness intensity is always clearly visible from a distance, and thanks to the microprocessor management and a dedicated software, the REVO SC-2 combines simplicity and comfort with extraordinary versatility, completeness and functions customization. The SC-2 preamplifier can be mounted with a Phono stage, and also updated to the Multichannel mode. Finally, it can work both in Active and Passive mode.


  • Extreme low noise, high speed schematic topology and wide band ( >2 MHz ).
  • High filtering capacity (51.000 uF) with numerous (23) capacitors, to achieve low impedance.
  • Toroidal power transformers specially designed for audio applications, low flow dispersion, low mechanical noise, high permeability magnetic core with consequent low output impedance.
  • Full aluminium non-magnetic frame.
  • Inputs & Outputs configurable RCA (unbalanced) & XLR (balanced)
  • Inputs selection by relay with GOLD/PALLADIUM contacts.
  • RCA solid core gold plated plug connector for any signal connections.
  • P.D.A.A. Programmable Digital Analogue Attenuation, volume control
  • 0.5 dB step an 127.5 dB range attenuation, made by relays and high quality precision resistors.
  • Active or Passive modality for best audio performance.
  • Possibility of set the PHONO board inside, by 2 mono board for Left & Right channel.
  • High quality phono stage, for MM and MC pick-ups.
  • Two free slots for future upgrades.
  • Possibilities of upgrades with MCH-6 (Multichannel board with 2 set of 6 inputs, outputs) for Audio-Video application.
  • Possibilities of upgrades with DAC Board with USB & SPDIF inputs, 24 Bit, 192 kHz resolution.
  • Remote control of all functions with NORMA remote control.


The optional Phono board PH-3 for the REVO SC-2 preamplifier adds to the device the functions of impedance matcher, RIAA equalizer and preamplifier, to receive a signal from a turntable.

It has the peculiar characteristic, and probably unique in its genre, to be made in dual-mono layout: the two channels are placed on two independent boards, and the power supply is separately stabilized and filtered, to deliver the best possible quality.

It’s able to receive signal from MC (Moving Coil) and MM (Moving Magnet) turntables, simply by replacing an integrated circuit (provided as standard). It’s possible to vary the load seen by the head by moving a switch, that commutates between 4 standard resistance values (100,500, 1K, 47 Kohm) and a user-definable value, which can be chosen by inserting a resistor.

The gain value is variable with a similar system, with a range that goes from 34 dB to 52 dB in six steps, plus a value definable by the user, again just by inserting a resistor.

The PH-3 board is made with very-low-noise components, which are able to handle turntables with a robust output, and also work perfectly with heads that have a lower sensibility. With its very accurate layout, that makes the setting operations very simple, this board will let you appreciate at best the expressive nuances of an analog source, without compromising its natural character.


The multichannel option is born to extend the versatility of the SC-2 to Home Theater High-End systems, without compromising the sonic performance.

The frontal channels, which represent the primary source in stereo mode, are handled by the excellent stereo section of the SC-2, while the 4 additional channels are handled by a high-quality stage with 2 sets of multichannel analog inputs. The selection is operated by relays in inert atmosphere with cross-bar contacts in gold-palladium.

To preserve the “classic” NORMA sonic characteristics (neutrality, speed, dynamics, etc) the multichannel board circuit topology has been studied in order to minimize the components on the signal path, and therefore their influence.

As already specified, with the MCH-6 option, 2 different multichannel sources can be handled simultaneously, in addition to stereophonic inputs.

For both sets of multichannel inputs the user can define a 6-value reference array to calibrate the speaker’s sensibility or to compensate eventual gain differences between the several power amplification stages.

With the MCH-2 option installed, the SC-2 maintains its ability to commutate between active and passive mode. Plus, it’s really simple to combine any of the two sets of multichannel inputs (A, B) with any of the stereo inputs (1-6).


The possibility of adding the DAC-1 option to the REVO SC-2 makes it an even more universal and interesting device.

It is not just the addition of a digital input, but a proper complete DAC section, which technological refinement places it at the top of world production levels. It is indeed a very similar solution to the one mounted on REVO DAC-1 and DS-1, and on the brand new HS-DA1, from which differs only in the practical implementation, while functionality and performance are the same.

Plus, since it integrates the conversion section in the preamplifier, it eliminates the need for proper interconnection cables which, if high quality, could cost much more than the DAC option or even than an external DAC unit.

The DAC-1 board has a USB input which can work up to 192 KHZ, 4 SPDIF inputs, as well as optical coaxial and XLR inputs. The conversion section is handled by a pair of PCM1704, very high quality True PCM multibit converters.

For further technical characteristics you can refer to the ones of the previously mentioned models.


Módulo DAC opcional

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4.950 €
IVA incluido

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Previo Norma Revo SC-2 LN y etapa Norma IPA-150

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Módulos de phono opcionales
(1 placa por canal)

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Módulo multicanal opcional

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Acabados posibles:



Entradas 4 x Pares RCA no balanceadas (Phono opcional en entrada 1)
2 x Pares XLR balanceadas
Impedancia de entrada 47 kohmios (sin entrada seleccionada)
10 kohmios (con entrada seleccionada)
Configuración de entrada Phono MM/MC
Línea balanceada
Opción DAC y multicanal
Salidas 1 x Par RCA no balanceada
1 x Par XLR balanceada
Impedancia de salida 220 ohmios
Voltaje de salida 7,5 VRMS
Respuesta de frecuencia 0 Hz - 2 MHz (-3 dB, no filtrada)
Ganancia 17,5 dB modo activo
0 dB modo pasivo
Topología de circuito Estado sólido
Doble mono
Alta velocidad
Bajo ruido
Alimentación 230 VAC/50 Hz
Dimensiones 110 mm (alto) x 430 mm (ancho) x 365 mm (fondo)
Peso 15 kg
Accesorios incluidos Control remoto

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